The Basque delegation, in which BRTA participates, visits three Japanese prefectures for the exchange of good practices and knowledge in innovation policies.

The Basque delegation traveling to Japan will visit the prefectures of Aichi-Nagoya, Hiroshima and Kyoto. This visit is part of an interregional cooperation project between the EU and Japan. The objective of the meeting is to exchange best practices and knowledge on regional innovation policies, while promoting international collaborations. The visit is composed of:

·       Representatives of the Basque Government:

o   Lehendakaritza, Commissioner for Science, Technology and Innovation.

o   Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment.

o   Department of Education.

·       BRTA (Basque Research & Technology Alliance).

·       Basque Hydrogen Corridor.

The priority issues to be addressed are:

·       The priorities defined in the STIP, science, technology and innovation plan of the Basque Country.

·       The areas of research, technology development and innovation, including the creation of technology-based start-ups.

The Internationalization Strategy "Euskadi Basque Country 2025" considers the Japanese country to be key. In fact, it is the third largest economy in the world, with one of the richest and oldest cultures. On the other hand, more than 350 Basque companies export continuously to Japan, which offers important strengths and technological assets in sectors such as automotive, robotics, electronics, machine tools, renewable energies, health...

As a result of this trip, cooperation agreements are expected to be reached between institutions and entities of Japan and the Basque Country in areas of common interest.

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