INDTech 2024

INDTech 2024 is an EU conference on industrial technologies, has been held in Namur, Belgium from June 3-5, 2024.

The fair will be spread over three locations:
- The “Théâtre de Namur”
- The “Bourse”
- The “Halle Al'Chair”.


There will be a total of 38 exhibitors at the fair, which will be distributed in the three locations mentioned above. BRTA's stand will be located in “Halle Al'Chair” at stand number 35. In addition, BRTA's scientific and technological manager, Jon Kepa Gerrikagotia, has attended the fair and has made a very positive assessment of the event: “We are pleased to share our participation in Indtech 2024, the flagship event of the European Union on industrial technologies, held from June 3 to 5 in Namur, Belgium. BRTA has had the opportunity to connect with industry and research organizations and demonstrate the innovative potential of our alliance. We want to thank everyone who visited our booth and shared their ideas and experiences. We remain committed to leading the future of industrial technologies!”.


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