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GAIKER is a Technology Centre dedicated to applied research. Its legal status is that of a private nonprofit organisation, and its main purpose is to contribute to the sustainable technological development and improved competitiveness of the business fabric. Since its creation in 1985, GAIKER has focused its R+D+I activity on developing projects and increasing the value of innovative technological solutions for companies. Its areas of specialisation concentrate on Biotechnology, on the complete life cycle of Plastic and Composite Materials, Functional and Sustainable Polymers, and on Recycling Technologies and Circular Economy.

As well as its principal dedication to R&D projects, both for developing internal capacities and for technology transfer to companies, GAIKER also provides advanced technological services and produces analyses and tests for third parties in their lines of specialisation. Currently with a team of 90 people, the Centre boasts accreditations and certifications that vouch for the quality of its work.



Parque Tecnológico, Ed. 202. 48.170 Zamudio (Spain)