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CIDETEC is a private organisation for applied research founded in 1997 with the objective of adding value to companies by capturing, generating and transferring technological knowledge. CIDETEC is composed of three technology centres at the international forefront in energy storage, surface engineering and nanomedicine.

Each centre has its own headquarters and state-of-the-art facilities, particularly including a pilot plant for the integral manufacture of batteries, Europe’s foremost purpose-built facilities for battery testing (located in Mubil), equipment for synthesising, characterising and processing advanced polymers and composites, laboratories fully equipped to study, characterise and treat surfaces and 150 m2 of rooms classified and prepared to manufacture products for the biopharmaceutical sector according to GMP standards.

Over its 24 years in operation, CIDETEC has participated in more than 675 research projects, racked up 26 active patent families, and has had a hand in the constitution of 5 spin-offs.

Today CIDETEC has a workforce of 190 people, 95% of whom are university-qualified and 44% doctors. Its turnover hit the €14m mark.



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